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“In the education of children, the most important thing is that they should see their parents leading an intense interior life."
Alexander Elchaninov, Diary of a Russian Priest

A Sincere Interior Life:
The greatest gift to our children
A retreat for the whole family!

This weekend retreat for Orthodox Christians will include worship, workshops & discussion groups for both adults and children, fun outdoor activities including athletics and a small beach, and fellowship with other families.

Friday, Aug. 29 - Sunday Aug. 31 
Green Lake Conference Center • Green Lake, WI

Workshops by Fr. Timothy Pavlatos, M.Div., M.S., LMFT

Pastor, licensed and experienced Marriage and Family Therapist, father of nine, and gifted retreat leader

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Listen to some of his sermons from St John the Baptist in Beaverton, Oregon

"Much of our anxiety in life stems from the fact that we would like to have people and things around us change so that we can feel happy or be more at peace. The reality is that our stress and anxiety will only begin to diminish when we direct our efforts inward, and begin to focus on what we can change, which is the way we see and understand our self and our self in relation with others." (from his page on the Northwest Psychological Center site.)


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